Friday, June 02, 2006

Great New Books!

Blessings Of The Cosmos: Wisdom Of The Heart From The Aramaic Words of Jesus by Neil Douglas-Klotz, hard cover (included CD contains 20 guided body prayers in Aramaic), published by Sounds True, $23.95 Cdn plus both taxes

The Jealousy of Jonah: A Christian Devotional Commentary On The Book Of Jonah As Translated In The Authorised (King James) Version Of The Bible by Richard Henderson, trade paper back published by The Columba Press, $11.95 Cdn plus GST

Jesus For The Rest Of Us: A Remarkable Liberal Approach to Post-Christian Faith by John Selby, trade paper back published by Hampton Roads Publishing Company Inc., $18.95 Cdn plus GST

New Barbara Brown Taylor!

A new Barbara Brown Taylor, and it's been years:

Leaving Church: A Memoir of Faith by Barbara Brown Taylor, hard cover published by Harper Collins, $31 Cdn plus GST

New Academic Books

For your consideration, Canterbury House has stock of the following new books:

The Gospel of Judas: From Codex Tchacos edited by Rodolphe Kasser, Marvin Meyer, and Gregor Wurst, with Additional Commentary by Bart D. Ehrman, hard cover published by National Geographic, $30 Cdn plus GST

Is Nature Enough? Meaning and Truth in the Age of Science by John F. Haught, trade paperback published by Cambridge University Press, $23.95 Cdn plus GST

Leaving the Saints: How I Lost the Mormons and Found My Faith by Martha Beck, trade paperback published by Three Rivers Press, $21 Cdn plus GST

The Lost Gospel: The Quest for the Gospel of Judas Iscariot by Herbert Krosney, with a Foreword by Bart D. Ehrman, hard cover published by National Geographic, $36 Cdn plus GST

Two Children's Titles; Two for Adults

New books at Canterbury House for your consideration ...

For children:

I Am I by Marie-Louise Fitzpatrick, hard cover published by Roaring Brook Press, $22.95 Cdn plus GST

Now One Foot, Now The Other by Tomie dePaola, trade paperback published by Puffin Books, $10.99 Cdn

For adults:

A Brother's Journey: Surviving a Childhood of Abuse, a Memoir by Richard B. Pelzer, trade paperback published by Warner Wellness, $17.95 Cdn plus GST

Sanctuary: Creating a Blessed Peace to Live and Love by Pamela J. Bailey, trade paperback published by Warner Books, $17.95 Cdn plus GST

Catching Up On New Releases (Sorry for Delay ...)

For your consideration, and now available at Canterbury House:

Calvin and the Bible edited by Donald K. McKim, trade paperback published by Cambridge University Press, $34.95 Cdn plus GST

Confessions: Saint Augustine translated by Garry Wills, published by Penguin Classics, $23 Cdn plus GST

The Experience of God: Icons of the Mystery by Raimon Panikkar, trade paperback published by Fortress Press, $21 Cdn plus GST

Freedom to Lead: Healthy Leaders Grow Healthy Churches by Colin Buckland, trade paperback published by CWR (Crusade for World Revival), $22.99 Cdn plus GST

Foundations for Centering Prayer and the Christian Contemplative Life (Open Mind, Open Heart; Invitation to Love; The Mystery of Christ) - Three of Thomas Keating's Most Popular Books Combined in One Volume , hard cover published by Continuum, $39.95 Cdn plus GST

Rick Warren's Bible Study Methods: Twelve Ways You Can Unlock God's Word, trade paperback published by Zondervan, $19.99 Cdn plus GST

Strength for the Journey: A Pilgrimage of Faith in Community by Diana Butler Bass, Foreword by Phyllis Tickle, trade paperback published by $24.99 Cdn plus GST

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