Tuesday, May 02, 2006

Tuesday Books

For your consideration, the following titles are new arrivals at Canterbury House Book Store:

Dying To Be Free: A Healing Guide For Families After A Suicide by Beverly Cobain and Jean Larch, trade paperback published by Hazelden, $17.95 Cdn plus GST

Performing the Gospel: Orality, Memory, and Mark edited by Richard A. Horsley, Jonathan A. Draper, and John Miles Foley, hard cover published by Fortress Press, $45.50 Cdn plus GST

The Phoenix Affirmations: A New Vision For The Future Of Christianity by Eric Danes, trade paperback published by Jossey-Bass, $16.95 Cdn plus GST

Remember The Future: Financial Leadership And Asset Management For Congregations by Gerald W. Keucher, trade paperback published by Church Publishing, $19.95 Cdn plus GST

Still Waters: Sobriety, Atonement, and Unfolding Enlightenment by William Alexander, trade paperback published by Hazelden, $17.95 Cdn plus GST

The Ten Commitments: Translating Good Intentions Into Great Choices by David Simon, M.D., with a Foreword by Deepack Chopra, hardcover published by Health Communications Inc., $23.95 Cdn plus GST

The Way of Courage: Being God's People In A Broken World by Christopher Page, trade paperback published by Path Books/Anglican Book Centre, $19.95 Cdn plus GST