Friday, April 28, 2006

Never A Dull Moment

The week of May 1st brings the following "Big Name" authors to Ottawa:

Rabbi Earl Grollman
Rev. Cynthia Bourgeault
Rev. Jim Miller
Fr. Richard Rohr
Bishop John Spong

Canterbury House is the on-site book store for the speaking engagements of the above authors.

We thank the organizers of these events for their faith in our ability to support their efforts.

We thank our patrons for their understanding if the works of these authors (and other like-minded material) have a "lightened" presence on our book shelves next week as a result of these events.

Special orders are encouraged.

New arrivals:

This past week we received a bounty of new academic books and other enlightening reading by favourite authors, from favourite publishers. It's a great time to visit Canterbury House.

Confirmation, First Communion, Baptism, Wedding, Ordination?

We have ideal gifts and greeting cards for these celebrations.

(Don't forget Mother's Day is around the corner!)

New Bargains:

A favourite phrase we hear is "I'll have to come back". You'll need some time to explore our famous Bargain Room, as we have hundreds of titles (many single one-time-only copies, plus other multiple copy "special buys"). These Bargains are a hand-picked and a very eclectic selection. The majority of our Bargains are under $10.