Sunday, April 02, 2006

Sunday School/Christian Education Information

A note for Christian educators:

Canterbury House can order or access information on your behalf re: Sunday school curriculum, and other C.E. resources.

Curriculum is sold on a final sale basis.

Please note that the Seasons of the Spirit curriculum has a "best price" order deadline of May 1st, and that prepayment is needed, due to SOS fulfillment policy.

Orders delivered via email (, fax, in person, or snail-mail before May 1st (versus on May 1st), are encouraged.

Clients who can pick up orders at Canterbury House do not pay shipping, a great incentive for cost-savings.

Re: savings: Are you aware of the "Prices Without Borders" policy of one of our distributors?

For this one distributor, the price in the U.S., is the same as the price in Canada.

Canterbury House sells these "Prices Without Borders" titles throughout our store.

Our famous Bargain Books (located in our well-stocked Bargain Room) offer great cost-savings as well.

Church libraries earn a 10% discount on most books, including Bargain Books.

Please consider Canterbury House as your source for your Sunday School attendance, promotion, and teacher "thank-you" gifts.

Please allow extra delivery time for volume requests.

Canterbury House also sells sacramental gifts and cards (Baptism, First Communion, Confirmation, etc.)

Feel free to consult with us ahead of time, or simply drop in to Canterbury House.

We're open Monday to Thursday 9:30 am-5:30 pm; Friday 'til 7 pm; Saturday 'til 5 pm.

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