Saturday, February 11, 2006

Curriculum, Seasonal Books and A "Sweet" Deal

The Seasons of the Spirit catalogues for Christian educators, worship and outreach leaders are in stock at Canterbury House.

You can contact Canterbury House with any of your SOS needs, if you want.

Catalogues will only be sent out upon request.

Canterbury House does not charge shipping, so if you can pick your order up at our store, you can save your parish some money.

Prepayment is needed, and a firm sale commitment is also needed as there are no returns.

The "better price" deadline is May 1st, as always.

As this date is a Sunday, and Canterbury House needs to submit its order by May 1st, in reality the deadline is Saturday April 30th.

A reminder that many Lent and Easter resources (books, devotionals, church stationery) are in stock right now, making this time the best time for the widest choice of material.

A new title to consider: The Resurrection of Jesus: John Dominic Crossan and N.T. Wright in Dialogue, edited by Robert B. Stewart, published in trade paperback by Fortress Press, priced
at $23.50 Cdn plus GST.

And a sweet Bargain Book, just in time for Valentine's Day: Chocolate for a Lover's Heart: Soul-Soothing Stories That Celebrate the Power of Love by Kay Allenbaugh, price $1 ... yes, one dollar. It's cheaper than a box of chocolates, with less fat