Sunday, June 25, 2006

"An Inconvenient Truth" Documentary

In light of the current Anglican Diocesan Stewardship Development Initiative, and overall environmental concerns, I highly recommend that before the summer "popcorn" movies dominate movie theatres, that you see An Inconvenient Truth , the documentary on global warming.

Regardless of your politics, you must see this film.

The world must see this film.

Independent, and Important, films such as this one have the risk of being knocked out of movie theatres ... and soon.

So, to help you out, go to for theatres and show times in the Ottawa-area.

At most theatres, the most affordable tickets are for Tuesday screenings, at anytime of the day.

It's also my understanding that 5% of all ticket sales go to an environmental charity.

There's also a recently published book of the same name authored by Al Gore, which I hope the new store at St. Paul U will have when it is set-up in a couple of months.

In the meantime, Canterbury House on Hinton Ave can order this book for you now, as a Special Order.

An Inconvenient Truth -

Contributor(s): Gore, Al (Author), Gore, Albert , Jr (Author)

ISBN: 1594865671 EAN: 9781594865671

Publisher: Rodale Press

Binding: Paperback, $28.95 Cdn plus GST

Pub Date: May 2006

Annotation: Published to tie in to a documentary film of the same name, "An Inconvenient Truth" is Gore's battle cry about what needs to be done about global warming. 75 illustrations. (Environmental Studies)


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