Friday, June 23, 2006

The Future of Canterbury House

Dear Friends:

Canterbury House Book Store has new life, and the store will be relocating to St. Paul University, merging with their existing book store sometime during late summer/early Fall.

Details and a time line are being worked out.

While there is sadness, please be assured that whatever you value about Canterbury House Book Store will be respected and built upon as a new book store ethos is created at the University.

No doubt you may have questions, comments, or concerns, and these are welcomed, and will be answered to the best of our ability.

Special Orders to Canterbury House are still welcomed, as this is part of our valued service.

Please continue to enquire regarding price and availability, and kindly consider that part of the "availability" question raises new issues of "where" and "when".

Many details are being worked out as we speak, and will be relayed ASAP.

A Relocation Sale is planned at 97 Hinton Avenue North, and it will begin soon, running for several weeks.

Details will follow shortly.

Special Orders and reserved items will not be eligible for discounts from our upcoming Relocation Sale.

Please relay this information to those you know, as we have friends in many different places.


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