Saturday, May 06, 2006

Matthew Fox/New & Interesting Titles

For your consideration, an interesting mix of titles now available at Canterbury House ...

Upcoming author appearance at the Church of St. John the Evangelist (Elgin St.), next Friday, May 12 at 7:30 pm - tickets for sale at Canterbury House, or the church office:

A New Reformation: Creation Spirituality And The Transformation of Christianity by Matthew Fox, $16.95 Cdn plus GST

An African Prayer Book by Desmond Tutu, trade paperback published by Doubleday, $13.95 Cdn plus GST

At Home In The World: A Rule of Life for the Rest of Us by Margaret Guether, trade paperback published by Seabury Books, $20.95 Cdn plus GST

Clergy Burnout: Recovering from the 70-Hour Work Week ... and Other Self-Defeating Practices by Fred Lehr, trade paperback published by Fortress Press, $23.50 Cdn plus GST

The Dishonest Church by Jack Good, trade paperback published by Rising Star Press, $20 Cdn plus GST

The Journey: How To Live By Faith In An Uncertain World by Billy Graham, hardcover published by W Publishing Group, $30.99 Cdn plus GST

Paul: The Founder of Christianity by Gerd Ludemann, trade paperback published by Prometheus Books, $27.50 Cdn plus GST

Running Scared: The Call of Pilgrimage by Tom Maddix, trade paperback published by Novalis, $19.95 Cdn plus GST

Why the Ten Commandments Matter by D. James Kennedy, trade paperback published by Warner Faith, $17.99 Cdn plus GST

Have you discovered our famous Bargain Room yet? It's well-stocked with hundreds of specially acquired publisher overstocked and discontinued titles, the majority of which are under $10. You will need extra time to explore ...


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