Tuesday, April 18, 2006

Not Chocolate, But Books

The week after Easter brings books, instead of chocolate:

Bible to Go: Genesis to Revelation in One Hour by Stan Campbell, hardcover published by Viking Canada, $12 Cdn plus GST. This title should not to be confused with The One Minute Bible which has no selling rights for Canada, although that CNN-promoted title was likely the inspiration for this one.

The God Who May Be: A Hermeneutics of Religion by Richard Kearney, trade paperback published by Indiana University Press, $24.95 Cdn plus GST. The author was interviewed on a CBC radio programme several weeks ago. Not many sources could locate it, but we did.

The St. Albans Psalter: A Book for Christian of Markyate by Jane Geddes, hardcover published by The British Library, $40 Cdn plus GST (and worth the price - it's gorgeous!)


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